Thursday, December 3, 2009

You tell us what you want to tell us...

Got another opinion coming your way so if you don't like that, look away now. Seriously, navigate away from the page.

First, let me preface by saying, that I am a registered Republican with Democratic tendencies. That really has little bearing on this post but I just want to put that out there, just to reinforce my middle of the road tendencies. Often times I can see both sides of a situation and have some conservative viewpoints and some more liberal viewpoints.

That said, I am so over all this Tiger Woods nonsense. We have no idea what is going on in his marriage, nor do we need to know. Just because he is a celebrity, doesn't mean he checks his privacy at the door. It does mean that he has to make some sacrifices. People will be more interested in him, his doings, his family, and the like, however, that does not entitle him to give full disclosure of his every move. I don't really care if he was having an affair, if his wife was having an affair...that is why marriage is between two people. It's not our business. We don't know what their marital situation or agreement is.

So this got me thinking about being well known, responsibilities, and tabloids. When you think about it, people this day in age really believe that everyone is owed explanations. With facebook, blogs, and other social networks, people put their entire lives on the Internet, making other people feel entitled to know everything about that person. You can become famous now just by posting a video on YouTube. Or you can be famous in your town for winning awards, being an elected official, or having a high profile job. If you choose to do this, you must understand that people will be interested in you, but you should not be obligated to divulge all your personal information.

Tiger Woods doesn't have to hold a press conference to list his transgressions. Last time I checked, I am not married to him. And if I were, that would be our business. I really try not to judge people for their decisions, however bad I feel they may be, because there by the grace of God go I. Thus my pro-choice stance, thus my pro gay marriage stance to name a few.

That is just my rant for the day. I am so sick and tired of salacious reporting.

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