Saturday, June 19, 2010

Audrey is ONE!

My baby cousin, Audrey's, first birthday was celebrated today! She is one precious little girl. Her mother asked me to bake her cake...ladybug themed. The only request? Strawberry cake with cream cheese icing. Now I have never really decorated on cream cheese because I know that the texture is very different from buttercream.

I searched the internet for a crusting butter cream, cream cheese recipe and found a delicious one. I made it an extra day in advance so that if something happened, I had some time to make some changes. It tasted delicious. Once the decorating began, I was very frustrated. Because it is a completely different texture, it doesn't hold well, tends to get glossy and melty-looking, and was generally not covering well. I just kept it in the refrigerator and hoped for the best.

All-in-all, it was a very cute cake. Delicious to eat, might I say. Did I mention that Audrey is precious?? See for yourself!


  1. Hey girly, I didnt think about this before but when I read it again tonight I was thinking if you ever have this problem again and need buttercream when someone has requested cream cheese for a frosting, they make a cream cheese flavor that works well. It actually really tastes like cream cheese, and then you can still have buttercream consistency and usability!!!

  2. OH AWESOME! I made this absolutely delish buttern cream/cream cheese for this...and I would love to use it one something that I don't have to attach fondant to. I will probably use it for Josh's birthday as he LOVES red velvet.