Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Repurposed Shelving...

Several years ago, my mother purchased two corner shelving units while we were in Canton. She had them made in a country blue with cream tin tile doors on the bottom shelf. They were perfect in her house, until she decided to change up the style a little. Once she moved them out of the living room so that we could paint and put up some vinyl lettering, she no longer wanted them back in the house. Thanks to my mom for offering them to me!

So my dad primed them and added some crown moulding at the top and bottom, and he and I spray painted them Espresso Brown to match my cabinets. Might I say...they are perfect! For the cost of the spray paint and my dad's time, I now have two beautiful additions to my dining area. What do you think?

The debate is still on for whether or not to add the tin doors back on, and if so...should I paint, stain, or leave them natural? I will post pictures of those later for opinions. Oh wait, I have only have two readers...

Now comes the fun of finding things to dress them up. My mind needs to get a little crafty on the frugal. I want to stop off at the Salvation Army Thrift Store in Pearland on our way home from Houston tomorrow, but we will see if we have time.

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