Friday, June 25, 2010

Pottery Barn on the cheap!

A few months ago, I saw the cutest set of plates in the Pottery Barn catalog, and as we all know, we have Champagne Pottery Barn dreams on a Generic Beer budget. For inspiration, I saved the picture and began rummaging through the plate sections at our two thrift stores.

I soon found this gem for a whopping $0.25!!!! Love at first sight!!!

Today, the trusty chalkboard paint came out to start this project. A few hours later and it looks really nice. Pardon my handwritting...but the beauty of this is that I can wipe it off and write something witty, you know, when I think of something witty!

Also, I super-love this cute fruit bowl from (YES) Pottery Barn, but super-hate the $38 price tag.

Thank goodness I found this similar bowl (although without a little pedestal) at my local thrift store for $0.50!!! Never underestimate a thrift store!


  1. I did a similar project awhile back! I love yours!


  2. Very good find... love a good deal!!!