Sunday, June 24, 2012

Family Vacation to Jellystone Hill Country

We have just returned from our first trip in the camper to Jellystone Hill Country, and might I was an experience.

Although we thought we were very prepared, nothing prepares you for the actual trip. We learned so much about setting up a camper, what we will need for future trips, how to pack it and make things functional. Scissors...we need scissors. And a broom and dust pan...not just a Swiffer.

The trip started off rough, with Josh trying to figure out how to set up the camper, hook up all the hoses, get parked just the right way, figuring out how to run the air conditioner and the hot water heater at the same took all evening. But once it was set up, it worked perfectly. 

Tuesday we stayed around Jellystone, just enjoying the activities and cooking over the fire. 

Wednesday we traveled into San Antonio to tour the Alamo. I am all about making each trip something educational, so we really gave the kids tons of info on the history associated with the Alamo and took a lot of time examining all the artifacts. The boys were very interested and enjoyed it. Then we went to the famous Lulu's Cafe to try out the 3 pound cinnamon roll!!! That's right, 3 POUNDS!!!!! As seen on Man vs. Food!!! Jansen was in heaven :) After that, we talked to the Riverwalk and took a boat tour soaking in some more history. 

On Thursday we spent the entire day splashing at Schlitterbahn.

 The boys had a total blast! We even got them to tube with us on The Falls, even though Jansen and Caleb were both scared to death. Caleb was very proud of himself that he overcame his fears and enjoyed the ride in the end. The best part was that Schlitterbahn allows you to bring in ice chests. We loaded up with ice, juice, water, deli meats, cheese, bread, granola bars, and chips and were able to enjoy a quiet picnic lunch under a cabana in the middle of the day.

Friday, the hubs surprised me with a helicopter tour over Canyon Lake...and item on my bucket list. Jansen even got to be the copilot. He was so super cute. I LOVED it! 

Then we took the boys into historic Gruene to eat at the Gristmill. 

DIVINE! It was another opportunity to teach the kiddos some history. Caleb was most impressed that instead of GREEN, it is spelled GRUENE because it was settled by the Germans back in the 1800's. 
After leaving there, we took a pretty long and very rural drive to The Salt Lick in Driftwood, which is said to have the best BBQ in the described by the Food Network. I concur. They baste their BBQ in a homemade sauce using a MOP! It was incredibly delicious. 

Now that we have our first camping experience, we have to admit that going to the grocery store alone is a vacation. Camping is not a vacation. It is a lot of work. I was the holder of all the life jackets and towels. I was the maker of most of all the food. I was the cleaner of all the dishes. Josh was the provider of the electricity and running water. It was a TON of work. But, we had a great time. We agreed to take weekend camping trips from now on though :)

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Glad you and your family had a great time.