Sunday, November 10, 2013

New family member!

Our family has grown by another 1...and is now complete. We have three boys and three girls to complete this family of 6. 

Last weekend we adopted a new female poodle. She was found in September as a stray, was matted and gross, and had rotten teeth and mammary tumors. We patiently waited while the rescue agency took care of all of her needs and got her healthy, and then started jumping the hoops of adoption. Finally, last Sunday, we were cleared and she was healthy. 

We drove to La Porte to the foster mom's home and visited for a while. When everyone was comfortable, we brought her home. 

Please welcome, Vivian Rosette Powell (aka Vivi-Rose). 

This is our little family and we are super happy. This week has been an adventure, getting her used to her new home and family, letting Tatum get used to her new sister, trying to figure out how to keep them separate while I am in school just in case. Tatum is occasionally prissy with Vivian, but for the most part, they just ignore each other. This is fine with me for the most part. 

She is so chill, she makes Tatum look hyper, and I have always described Tatum as the laziest dog on earth. Vivian is just a little angel. I wish I weren't in school so I could spend more time at home with them, but I only have 4 weeks left...thank you sweet Baby Jesus...and then I can get a break. 

Welcome home sweet Vivian!

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