Thursday, May 29, 2014

Jansen's 9th birthday prep

Saturday is my youngest son's birthday. He is going to be 9, and it completely blows my mind. This child is so sweet, caring, responsible, helpful, and full of brightness that it is almost too much for my heart sometimes!

This year, he chose to have a Pokemon party and we booked a local play place, Cre8tive Play, as a venue. 

This place has so much bright decor that I don't really think I am going to decorate much. The plan is to provide pizza, drinks, and cake for Jansen's friends and family. A few balloons on the table and that's about it. This should be a pretty easy party. 

Today, I am finishing up the goody bags that will go on the table next to the cake. I think they turned out cute. 

They are filled with Pokemon stickers, Pokemon rings, glow bracelets, candy, and clackers. Easy, peasy. 

I can't wait to party with my new 9 year old. 

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  1. Wonderful!! Have a great time with your son and a very Happy Birthday to him. Blessings, Catherine