Sunday, June 1, 2014

Jansen's 9th birthday party

Well, I officially have a 9 year old. Time flies, doesn't it. 

Our day was PACKED. Like a can of sardines, packed. 

We began the day with crescent rolls for breakfast and a decorated table. 

We always try to decorate something in the house for the boys' birthdays. This year, it was just the table. And, since I didn't want to get up so early in the morning, I set it up the night before. 

He was a happy birthday boy. 

Then we moved on to tennis lessons, thankfully in middle school gym. I like where this is going. Jansen's coach wants to work with him in the gym because he can get the visual feedback of where the ball is going when it hits the wall and comes back to him. What I heard? During the heat of the summer, we will be indoors. I'm good with that. 

While they were practicing, Caleb and I played a spirited game of Wall Ball using tennis balls. He caught the coach's attention and she suggested that he might be interested in tennis as well. Something to think about. 

After tennis, we hit the grocery store for the last few supplies needed for the party that evening. 

Then we headed for a friend's birthday party at the park. It was a double party since the brothers' birthdays were so close. Just as the party was getting started, a storm rolled in. Another family also rolled in thinking that they had reserved the pavilion that day, when in reality, my friend had reserved it all day. The other family refused to leave and then called the cops. 

Really? For a Mickey Mouse themed birthday for your child? You call the police? Anyway, my friend agreed to give up a few of the picnic tables and told her she could set up in one corner of the pavilion, which I thought was generous. 

We left after that to clean up and get ready for our party.

Upon arrival at the venue, there was another party there. Ugh. In February, when I booked this, they told me I could be there 30 minutes before the party began to set up. That meant 3:30. When I got there, she said the other party was going on until 3:30 and we could come back at 3:45. 

It's a good thing that I didn't go all out on the decorations this year since the party began at 4. 

My friends and their children showed up for the party and we had a good time. 

Jansen had an awesome Pokemon themed cake

and he felt like a king! (so did my dad!)

The kids had BeyBlade battles...

They played on the mechanical bull and the bounce houses...

We ate pizza and opened presents....

I didn't even realize until later that I didn't take half of the pictures I wanted to. We were all too busy. But I did get a good pic of the birthday boy with Nana and Pops!

And a picture of the brothers :)

Anyway, when we arrived home, we were exhausted. Caleb said, "I had so much fun today that I thought I was going to explode!" 

Jansen went to sleep happily reliving his birthday memories! Mission accomplished.  

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  1. You certainly has a fun-filled day with lots of excitement. Happy birthday to your son and many beautiful memories ahead. Blessings, Catherine