Monday, June 9, 2014

Tiny study space

In preparation for school to start again in July, I really needed to find a spot in my house to put a desk so that I can study. 

It needs to be quiet, have few distractions, have a good amount of storage space, and be private. Where else in my house could that be?

My closet. 

My closet is inside my bathroom, which is inside my bedroom, which is blissfully quiet. The closet has a door, the bathroom has a door, and the bedroom has a door. There are three obstacles to get through to get to me. My family members would really have to work at it!

So I spent one evening, cleaned that baby out, rearranged everything, and moved the desk my dad made for Caleb in there. The only reason Caleb isn't using it is because my in laws gave him one that had more I got the other one. It works better for me because it has a bigger table top. 

It looks beautiful in there. It is a tiny space, but I can utilize the built in shelf for extra storage! There is an outlet so I can plug in a power strip, and there is a vent so I can get good ventilation. It's summer in South Texas and air conditioning is like precious gold. 

So this is the beginning....

I am going to get a small cork board, a clip-on fan, and add a bit of decor and it will be the perfect, serene spot to get some studying in. 

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