Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Toilet paper binoculars

My kiddos are still in their pajamas today. Yup! 

This afternoon, after getting my nursing school physical out of the way, the boys made some toilet paper binoculars. 

These were fun for the boys, especially since my oldest is a "certified treasure hunter". Everywhere we go, he is on the lookout for some form of treasure. His room is full of bottle caps, rubber bands, piece of metal, coins, etc. 

He has decided that these will be used for treasure hunting. While they are not actual binoculars, they are great for pretending, especially since his treasures are pretend as well. :)

Step by step instructions:

1. Take two toilet paper rolls (or cut a paper towel roll in half) and use your choice of duck tape to wrap around the two. 

2. Use a hole punch to punch holes in the top outside of each roll.

3. Thread yarn through each hole and tie in a knot. 


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