Sunday, June 29, 2014

Prep for Cow Appreciation Day

We love Chick fil A sandwiches in our house. I cannot currently eat one since I am on a low carb diet, but I am looking forward to eating one as my cheat meal on July 11th...our local Chick fil A's Cow Appreciation Day. 

You know you have heard about this. You dress like a cow and you get a free meal. 


The kids wanted to do it, so I thought, why not!? 

But, the goal is, to get a free meal, not to spend more money on supplies to create a "costume". 

This is making my kids be creative! We rummaged through my craft cabinet and found one white t shirt, a handful of paint brushes, paints, and felt. 

Caleb found a white Duck Commander shirt that was getting too small to wear out in public on the regular, so we were going to use that. 

So, I told the kids to paint the shirts however they thought a cow would look and I would create cow ears for them to wear. 

Jansen's plan was to do this...

Caleb is more methodical and created this...

I cut big ear shaped out of felt, painted some cow spots, and glued them to some extra headbands that I had in a bathroom drawer. 

We will add an "EAT MOR CHIKIN" sign to hang around Jansen's next. I can print that out on a piece of paper, poke some holes, and thread black yarn through it. 

They will wear black shorts and call it a day. All 100% free, made by my boys. 

The kids really want to take pictures with the Chick fil A cow that night, so you won't get to see the full effect until the 11th... :)

Now to figure out how to create something for me to wear!

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