Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Kid-made owl cupcakes

In an effort to keep the children busy and creative, we...or actually they made the cutest owl cupcakes.

The boys picked out some of the new Funfetti icings and cake mixes, and Caleb chose....

Jansen chose....

and they agreed on....

What a fun time for them and it teaches me to step back and let them get a bit messy. Ok, a lot messy. Ugh...but they have to learn and they have to clean up their messes!

So here is the process for Jansen. They practiced the "icing with a knife" technique instead of piping technique that Jansen is already pretty good at. 

Caleb had so much fun! He actually said, "Thank you mom for teaching me how to ice cupcakes! This was fun!" 

Mission accomplished. 

They turned out so super cute!!! We are going to take these over to my friend's house this evening for a dinner/playdate. The kids are really excited. :)

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