Monday, July 28, 2014

Tales from La La Land

Well that was a fun little week. I deluded myself into thinking that I was totally fine and on top of all of my assignments. 

In reality, I am close, but not close enough. 

My first test grade was an 86, which is a good grade. It's just not what I am used to getting. I can guarantee that the format of the test resulted in me getting 2 or 3 questions incorrect. 

The tests are set up online, in a similar format to the NCLEX. They are preparing us for this major licensing test from the gate. I appreciate it, but it is going to take some getting used to. 

Essentially, once you log on, you click on the test, and it begins. It's multiple choice, and you must choose and answer to go on. You are not able to go back. 

There were a few questions that I just wasn't quite sure of the correct answer, and then further into the test, I knew the answer but was unable to go back and change it. 

So knowing that now, I am going to take my time and really think about the answers, knowing that I only get one shot. 

If I get a B in this class, I will be ok with it. It's not what I want, nor is it indicative of the amount of effort I have put into this summer term, but it will be ok. 

Exam 2 tomorrow. First mental breakdown last week complete. Studied all weekend. Exhausted. Hungry. Anxious. Started exercising every other day. HANGRY. Need an A on tomorrow's exam. Please dear sweet me out!

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