Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Free Minecraft artwork

Yesterday, I wrote about using my son's "too small" Minecraft shirt to recover his desk chair. I found two more shirts that he had outgrown and just couldn't throw them out. 

Yes, I could have donated them, but why not repurpose them?

Jansen needed some artwork on the wall and I needed it to be free. 

I had 2 old canvases that had artwork from our previous home. For some reason, I never threw them out, but they never really worked for this house when we moved in 8 years ago. 

So I basically slip covered the canvases with his shirts. I didn't cut them or anything. All I did was fold everything over in the back of the canvas and duct taped the edges down. 

Later when he decides he is over Minecraft, those shirts can be slipped off the canvases, washed, and donated. 

Incidentally, that lime green lamp was purchased on Varage Sale and the little supply caddy was found at Dollar General. The desk was already in his room, the chair was as well (and was blogged about yesterday, and the Creeper was his brother's but he graciously gifted it to Jansen to go in his room. Total amount of money spent for this desk area set up: $10. Yay!

So there you have it. Free Minecraft art for my almost 10 year old's wall. 

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