Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Minecraft chair...for FREE

Jansen has been in the same room with the same football theme since we moved into this house when he was two. Last year, he started asking to redo his room a bit. Being in nursing school, I put him off for as long as possible. 

This past weekend, he really started begging. He's turning 10 soon, and is going to be having a Minecraft slumber party in about a month to celebrate. He informed me that he really wanted to have his room redone, in a Minecraft theme, before all his friends come over. 

He makes a great point. 

We discussed how he felt his football room was "baby-ish" and how Minecraft was THE coolest thing among all his friends and he just HAD to make a change. Now, I am not all that excited to spend a ton of money changing up his room, especially if he is going to be changing his mind frequently. We made a deal, that if we changed it, we couldn't spend a lot of money, so we needed to be creative as to how we decorated. It needs to last him until he is a teenager. 

So we started getting some ideas. He and I spent the weekend making a Pinterest board, making plans, and starting to craft. It will probably take all month but it will be finished by his party. 

The first thing we worked on was his desk chair. We found it on the side of the road many years ago and recovered it in Houston Texans fabric to match his football theme. 

I thought it was adorable. 

He is over it. 

So, we rummaged through his closet as I was purging old broken toys, unread books, and too small clothes. We found this shirt...now 2 sizes too small for him. 

It's Minecraft...it can be used....it's going to be the fabric for his new chair. 

I took off the chair seat, slipped this shirt over it, and duct taped it to the bottom. Yes, I duct taped it. I screwed it back to the chair frame and voila! A brand "new" Minecraft desk chair for FREE. Free is for me!

He is really happy with it and so am I. 

Next up...Minecraft canvas art work, also FREE!

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