Sunday, April 26, 2015

Student Nursing Association Fundraiser

Last summer, when we all began nursing school as juniors, about half of our cohort decided to join the seniors and the Student Nursing Association. I didn't even think twice about joining because I like to be a member of organizations. It brings people together, it builds relationships, and it fosters community. I like that. 

So all year, we have been participating in various activities with the seniors in the driver's seat. As of Spring Break, our junior cohort elected officers for the new year (I am the Vice President) and the seniors gradually started phasing themselves out as we stepped up. 

This weekend, we got to take the reins to plan our first fundraiser centered around our colleges theater department. The theater director informed us that they were going to be performing Three Penny Opera for a couple of weeks and we could sponsor one of the showings. We would sell tickets and keep the profits and also provide snacks at intermission. 

I believe we ended up selling 16 tickets, but we were happy for that because the profits came directly to us. We found out, once we got there, that the director was actually going to give us all of the profits from the ticket sales, even sales at the door. That was extremely generous of him! For intermission, we decided to sell baked goods, candy, and other snacks. 

Before the play began, he allowed Chad, one of our fundraising committee members to go on stage and say a little bit about SNA. Lindsey created an awesome informative poster to help tell people who we are and what we do. Everyone pitched in to sell tickets, provide supplies, and set everything up and work. 

We had fun and it turned out to be very successful for about 4 hours of our time on a Friday night. By intermission, we had made about $450. We were happy campers. 

For our first junior-driven fundraiser, we did well. Our final meeting of the year is on Tuesday as we only have a week and a half left of our junior year. We come back as SENIORS on June 1. Thank goodness for a quick 3 week studying, no care plans, no clinicals, no simulation labs....nothing! JOY!

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