Wednesday, June 10, 2015

First time at camp

Today is the first time ever that Caleb goes to camp. 

He has never really been away from us. Yes, he has stayed with my parents when Josh and I have gone on a short trip, but he has never been on his own without a family member. 

I'm a bit worried about his behavior. Hopefully he can keep himself under control! They can't have their phones so he can't even text me if he needs to. Agh, I never had a cell phone as a kid and I was fine, so I am sure he will be too. 

I hope he has fun. I hope he loves his survival skills class. I hope he doesn't cry. I hope he meets some new friends. I hope he remembers to take his medicine. I hope he showers and brushes his teeth at least once over the next four days. I hope he has some new, great experiences. I hope he can sleep. I hope he isn't picked on and doesn't pick on anyone else. I hope I don't worry about him the whole 4 days he is gone. 

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