Wednesday, June 3, 2015

End of year awards

I am so happy that my professor let me out of class early so that I could go to my boys' award ceremonies. It was stressful to get to 2 schools in the same hour, but we did it!

Caleb's came first. I am glad this year is almost over. He is going to have several different teachers next year instead of just the two. He will be taking pre-AP classes, concert band for trombone, construction science, and career exploration. He's excited to start 7th grade. I can't believe he only has two more years there and then he is headed to high school! AGH!

Jansen's was next. He is finishing up his elementary school career. Although he has been ready to be out of school since the second day of school, he is a bit emotional about starting a new school in the Fall. I can understand that. He is actually excited about the new classes that he can take once he gets to be Caleb's age. When we were reviewing class schedules, he saw that Clute Intermediate offers a culinary arts program and was ready to sign up immediately!

So here we are. Today is Field Day, I am home sick, and tomorrow is the last day of school and is early dismissal. I hope I feel better tomorrow so that I can go to Jansen's school for his party. I want to get a few final pictures in. Caleb started Polk in 2008 for Kindergarten and Jansen followed along in 2010. Seven years I have had my kiddos there at the same school I began in 1985. Closing this chapter of our lives and moving into a brand new one. 

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