Sunday, May 31, 2015

Minecraft sword cupcake-cake

Since this is the final year to send birthday cupcakes to school with my final child, I wanted to do a little something more. 

Every year I bake cupcakes and send them with the kiddos to school. The last two years I haven't done it for Caleb since he is in jr. high but I have still been doing it for Jansen. 

Jansen heads off to jr. high himself next year so this was it! His party theme this year was Minecraft and I was almost just going to make some Creeper picks and jab them in some cupcakes, but then I Try to make that sword Jansen has been talking about. 

It was pretty easy, but it just took me 4 hours to make because I only had one square cupcake pan. 

And, I wish I would have made the middle diamonds a lighter blue. I got a light blue dye but it definitely got darker as it sat out a bit. Oh well. I think it is pretty awesome!

He will be sharing these with two classes...his homeroom class and his language class. Hopefully the kids will enjoy them. Sunrise, sunset. Close this chapter of mine and his life. 


  1. Can I ask what you used to keep it together? I would like to attempt to make something close to this for my son's birthday party. Thanks!

  2. They are just set on the board. I guess you could put a little dab of icing on the underside of each one before you set it, but because each cupcake was individually iced, I just set them on there.

  3. Where did you get the box? Or did you make it?

  4. What tip did you use for the icing?

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