Saturday, May 2, 2015

Minecraft room...on the cheap

I've shown a couple of sneak peaks of Jansen's room revamp over the last couple of weeks, but for is finished. I'm still thinking about whether or not I will be framing the posters on his wall (I probably will) but for now, I'm leaving it alone. 

This kid. I love him more than my luggage but he has very definite opinions. I wonder where he gets that from. He wanted to be involved in every aspect of this process. He had a budget of $150 and I think we made it! 

A Minecraft themed boy's room, done on a tight budget, perfect for my picky, opinionated almost 10 year old son.

Ok so here is how we did this. 

We left the walls the same color. No extra painting=FREE.

The MINE poster by the TV served to be the inspiration for the color scheme. Jansen wanted brown, black, blue, and green. I liked it and the poster was $10. The other two Minecraft posters above the TV were ones he already had. The square TV stand with bins was purchased at Big Lots for $40. We filled it with Minecraft items he already had including books, a block photo, some plushes, and TNT. The bins house his pajamas, socks, undies, and small toys. 

On the blue wall, we hung his pick axe and sword so that he can easily get them down for play and put them right back when he is finished= FREE. Above his window is his name. I printed out the letters onto cardstock and framed them in dollar frames= $6. The creeper is actually the one I made to stand on our porch for his birthday party=FREE. You can also see the tops of the pool noodle TNT that I made using two dollar store pool noodles=$2.

His bedding was found at a discount store for $75. Jansen LOVES it, and honestly, so do I! The Minecraft art above it was printed out from my computer and put in an old frame I found in my closet=FREE. 

His desk was brought back into the room and his chair was recovered. You can find that post HERE and it was FREE! The lamp was purchased from Varage Sale and the desk accessories at the Dollar General. Art canvases were also FREE using old canvases I found in my closet and t-shirts Jansen had outgrown. You can find that post HERE. Total cost for the desk area, chair, and wall art=$10. 

So there you have it. A Minecraft room revamp and the total spent was $143. If we decide on the poster frames, it will take us over our $150, but honestly, I don't care. I'm pretty darn happy with the decisions Jansen made and our ability to be creative and reuse so many of the things we already had. It was a fun little project and it's finished 2 weeks before his birthday party!

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