Sunday, May 17, 2015


Some friends and I got tickets back in January to go see the New Kids on the Block. I mean, really...if they are coming to Houston, I am getting tickets. But the thing that just sweetened the pot was that Nelly and TLC would be touring with them. 

I was so ready to see Donnie again!

It was seriously 3 concerts in one. That concert was over 4 hours long. Nelly and TLC did open for NKOTB, they each did their own concert. No one disappointed!

We had a blast, from the trip up there to the trip back. We started off eating at Olive Garden in Pearland. 

On the way there we saw trucks with guns...

and a car full of clowns...

and then we got into traffic, got there late, got in the wrong parking lot line, went in the wrong parking entrance, and got to the venue just as Nelly was coming on stage. 

He was awesome. I have to was starting off wonderfully. 

I was really looking forward to seeing TLC. The CrazySexyCool album was getting me through high school. I didn't know how they would do it without Left Eye, since she passed away a while ago. But they showed pictures, had her recordings of the songs playing, and it was sad but oh so awesome. Those girls put on a show. We were jamming from the get go. 

Then round 3 began with a loud announcement of "Let's get ready to RUMBLEEEEEEE". It was so loud! 

And again, totally amazing. New songs, old songs, in between songs. They have been going strong for 27 years and I have been enjoying it all! Shirtless, then in tuxedos, then in regular clothes, cameras in the quick change room. This was my 6th or 7th time to see them (I've honestly lost count) and every concert I think was the best. But this one really was. It was worth every penny!

Then on the way home, we got almost to our exit and got pulled over by the highway patrol for a headlight being out. He was shining his light all through the car and asked us if we had been drinking. No way...none of us had and if someone did, I would have driven. I am always the designated driver. Carmela tells the officer that usually if she bangs on the light it comes on. He asks us where we were coming from and we tell him a concert. He asks us again if we had been drinking at the concert. Nope. He asks if this was a reunion concert. I say that they got back together in 2008. He lets us off with a warning to get the light fixed. 

We laughed so hard. I am sure he thought we were crazy. But to see my friend be so nervous that she asks to get out of the car and bang on her of the highlights of the evening!

Oh how I needed this time out with my friends. It was worth every penny!

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