Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Nursing School Pinning

It is finished. I made it.... I am a nurse!

Now I just have to pass my boards and then I can be an official RN. 

Last night was the night most of us had been really waiting for and looking forward to...our pinning ceremony. 

We had a quick rehearsal that afternoon and then arrived at The Clarion at 5:30pm. Jansen was going to be the person pinning me and was full of excitement. 

They had us hang out in the green room before we came in to the auditorium, and it was a time for all of us to take pictures. 

It was a wonderful experience to share with my classmates and family. My sweet Jansen was the one to pin me. I am so glad we could share that moment together. He was probably more excited than me. 

It all went so quickly, was so meaningful, but was such a whirlwind. I thought I might cry, but nothing. I will definitely miss my friends from school...we were with each other constantly for 2 solid years. We have formed bonds that will last a lifetime. 

After the ceremony, they held a reception for us and our families and friends. It was a wonderful time. 

I love this crew and I am so proud of us. Can't wait to see where we all end up!


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