Friday, May 13, 2016

Working toward NCLEX

Well, as I wait to schedule my NCLEX-RN exam, I have been studying and putting a few applications out. 

I got a call yesterday to interview in a couple of weeks for a Telemetry RN position at St. Luke's. It's scheduled for the 26th and I am hoping to be able to have scheduled my exam by then. 

If I pass it, and I get an offer from St. Lukes, and I accept it, that would at least give me a plan. There is not plan right now and my tummy is not enjoying it. 

So for now, I am taking tons of practice exams and questions using Kaplan, NCLEX Mastery, and a few practice apps. I find it difficult with the kids and dogs and packing for the move to sit for 3 hours and take exams uninterrupted. It's been easier for me to spend 30 minute chunks of time doing practice questions and then if I have some uninterrupted time, I do the Kaplan trainers. 

Hopefully, Lord willing, we get this show on the road, I pass on the first time, I can be an official RN, and I can move on. My tummy is full of anxious excitement!!!

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