Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another March Madness post

Yep, it is the yearly March Madness post from the Powell house. March, May, December....repeat. This year we have had enough going on to kill a plow horse. We have soccer, speech therapy, kung fu, rodeo, Caleb's birthday, doctor appointments, baby showers, meetings, and our own Griswold Vegas Vacation to name a few.

But this month, cakes have ruled my thoughts. This year, as in years past, Caleb wanted a Mario themed cake. We had not planned on throwing him a birthday party this year, as we will be spending his birthday in Las Vegas attending the Monster Jam World Finals...(insert your biggest redneck yee-haw here). His grandmother offered to have some of our family over for a Sunday lunch and celebrate his birthday then. This means that I must provide a cake. Yes I have made a few of our family cakes, but for the most part, my friend Jenny has made them. Unfortunately, she is no longer making cakes, so I accept the challenge. That is, until Caleb came up with his cake of choice....Mario. I told him that I refuse to have a Mario cake 3 years in a row and if he was so insistent, he could pick another character to base the cake on. What is his choice? Bowser! Are you kidding me with that? Does this child know that my cake decorating skills are limited, beginner at best?

Anyway, Friday and Saturday I will be making two cakes. One for Caleb and one for my parents' Joy Ride party they have every year. Hopefully that one will be a little more simple and less time consuming than a BOWSER cake! To describe my previous birthday cake bakery skills, I have included pictures as evidence... beware....

The middle picture is of Jansen on his 1st birthday, but for the life of me, I can't seem to find the picture of his actual cake. It was shaped like a party hat and with the same colors of blue and green. Caleb's 1st (Sports) cake and 3rd (Batman) cake was made by me, 2nd (the Wiggles) and 4th (Bob the Builder) cakes were done by a family friend, and his 5th and 6th (Mario) were made by Jenny. I made Jansen's 1st (Party Hat), and Jenny made his 2nd (race car), 3rd (Cars), and 4th (American Idol).

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