Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weight loss

Josh and I started on a mission to lose weight three weeks ago. We have decided that enough is enough and we want to be healthier. This comes at a fantastic time for me, since the two of us work really well together when we are on a mission. The trick to this, is to keep motivated, so we are taking a quick cruise. No one wants to be flabby in a bathing suit for 4 days!

We are both doing well so far but I do notice that we are both a little more irritable than usual. Josh has lost 18 pounds already and I have lost 3.5. I can't complain about my slow weight loss, because my metabolism hates me. It always has. I can gain 3 pounds in a day, but it will take me a month to lose it. Slow and steady.

In other Powell happenings:

  • Caleb has begun walking to and from school by himself or with other children. I stand at the end of the street and watch him walk all the way to school...a whole 2 blocks.
  • This weekend's soccer double header ended in two wins...Caleb blocked three goals as goalie, and did some impressive dribbling. He is beginning to learn the skills of the game.
  • Jansen has changed to being right handed. Although he has a preference for doing things with his left hand, in working with him on writing, he is more stable with his right hand. Let the re-teaching begin.
  • We are counting down the days until the Black Eyed Peas concert, and then to Las Vegas!
  • I have begun a back yard overhaul...ants and all.

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