Wednesday, September 5, 2012

College Progress...

Here is a quick update on my return to college. Just for grins, let's call it College 2.0 :)

This term, I am taking Medical Terminology and I actually really love it. It is definitely a learning curve trying to remember study habits, note taking, class expectations etc, but I am settling in nicely. 

Mid two weeks in to College 2.0, I have taken 2 tests. We have weekly lectures, outlines, reading, and tests over 2 chapters. I couldn't be happier with my first two test grades of 100 and 98. My goal is to get the highest grades possible to make my application into nursing school just a little prettier. 

I am honestly a little surprised as to how much studying I have to do for this one class...about 3 hours a day. But, I am a stay at home mom and I have pockets of study time throughout the day. If that is what it takes to make really high grades, then so be it.

Let's keep up the momentum!

PS. The word of the day is: ESOPHAGOGASTRODUODENOSCOPY.  Use it in a sentence today, won't you?


  1. "My mom had an esophagogastroduodenoscopy today and the doctor didn't find any polyps in her throat, stomach or small intestine."
    It helps that I worked in pathology for 6 years and saw 'EGD' on the OR schedule everyday!

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