Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall is creeping in...

Oh Fall...I love you. I am sad that I won't see you until November (probably) as our crazy Gulf Coast weather only has three variations: Hot, Hotter, and Center of the Sun Hot. 

Every year, I wait for the moment when my internal clock feels differently...when I wake up and FEEL the change inside my head. Today, I felt it. 

It was less than 90 degrees today! All day!

There was just the tiniest of Fall smells in the air, it was stunningly gorgeous outside, and there was a soft breeze drifting around my face. This is it, my friends. This is the turning point. Later on, it may still return to 95 degrees, but there is no turning back on Fall. 

Last year, I wasn't really feeling it, and why, I will never know. But this year....welcome Fall. I am so happy to see you. Give me a hug!

I got out a few decorations from storage to begin the season....

That is as far as I have gotten, but there shall be more....maybe tomorrow!

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