Monday, September 3, 2012

Super Sweet Dirty 30

My friend, Carmela had a milestone birthday last week, and we celebrated by singing crazy karaoke. 

Seriously, who doesn't love to either sing karaoke, or watch others sing it? 

Juli and I hosted a little get together at Spotlight Karaoke in Houston over the weekend to help her celebrate her entrance into a brand new decade...a decade I have been in for 2 years, kicking and screaming. 

This was a chance for my husband and I to get out and have a fun date as well, so we booked a free night at a hotel in Houston (Thanks Priority Club Reward Points!) and packed up the car with decorations and goodies. 

Her theme was candy...and dang it, the club wouldn't let you use tape or hang anything on the walls. I had dreams of having an adorable backdrop in front of a giant candy bar table with, no. But we still made it cute anyway!

Juli provided the yummy goodies....fruit kabobs, candy, mini quiches. Honestly, I ate a ton of those quiches. Why is bite sized food so extra specially yummy??? She made everyone goody bags packed with candy, which unfortunately, I didn't get any of. I brought two bags home and my husband ate it all. Curses!

I made the decorations and bought the cake from a mutual friend of ours. I made some giant lollipops from plastic plates, dowel rods, and cellophane and also made some giant candies from balloons wrapped in cellophane. Boy how I wanted to link these and hang them across the walls...Double curses.

One of my fave decorations was a giant cupcake pinata. It was so cute, I just couldn't pass it up in Hobby Lobby. 

The cake was made by Jenny Wright and was strawberry with cream cheese icing and fondant accents. Trust was so nerve racking to drive an hour in traffic with a cake and then all the little pieces in a separate box. By the time I got to the club and started assembling the cake, I was so relieved that none of the pieces were broken. Delicious!

We also ordered a photobooth for an hour. OMG, hilariousness!!!!!

All in all, a super fun night sharing a birthday with a super special friend. I am glad we were able to host and hope she had a great time celebrating!

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