Friday, September 21, 2012

Quick Fall wreath...and a few other decorations...

Time for craftiness. I have been so miserable with my back problems that for the past 6 months at least, I have been unwilling and unable to do much of anything. My house got out of control, the laundry was mounting, I couldn't stand or sit long enough to craft life was just boring and painful.

After having my nerve block, each day has gotten better and better. Each day I wake up, I feel just that much more like ME! My house is pretty clean and it is time to get back to some crafting...especially in preparation for the best part of the year...THE HOLIDAY SEASON!!!!!

So today, I made a quick new wreath for the front door...

$3.25 total! The dollar store is the BOMB! I got all the supplies there and didn't even need to whip out my glue gun.

I love it. The exposed grapevine is the rustic look I wanted and the colors of the flowers are just perfect for Fall. How easy was this??? You can make one too...just stick a bunch of flowers into the wreath and you are done.

The extra flowers look really cute in my cloche...

And a few artificial pumpkins took the place of the candles on the candlesticks on my bar...

I also filled various containers around the house with leaves, acorns, pine cones, Fall fruit, and mini pumpkins. 

I will probably fix up my front porch a little more, but that is the extent of my Fall decor. Christmas is the time to bust out all the decor and go crazy!!!

Cool air...come our way!!!

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