Monday, November 19, 2012

Homemade penguin costume for school program

The 2nd graders at our school always put on our holiday program and this year, it is all about penguins. This means that the PTO and the music teacher have to come up with some quick and easy costumes for about 80 kiddos to wear (my kiddo included). 

The children will wear solid black, long sleeved shirts and jeans, and will wear a penguin bib and hat...custom made by yours truly and 7 other PTO moms. A huge thanks to Cindy, Jennifer, Denise, Cassandra, Crystal, Sonya, and Lupe for coming over this morning and putting almost 80 of these together in true assembly line style. 

We had a hat station and a body station....with one person cutting, one person folding, one person gluing, one person tracing, one person hole was an adventure! I made some blueberry muffins and a breakfast casserole and Denise brought some drinks. If you offer food...they will come to help!! That's my theory at least. 

Here is what they look like....

The bodies are made of white poster board (two bodies from one sheet) and the bows are simply colored paper, accordion folded, stapled, sprayed with Diamond Dust glitter spray, and hot glued onto the poster board. The hats are black card stock and various colored paper glued together, and then a handwriting strip stapled to the ends. these will be given to the teachers to staple together as they fit each child's head. 

I can't wait to see how my cute little penguin looks in this costume!!!

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