Sunday, November 18, 2012

Disney Cruise PAID IN FULL!!!!

Congratulations to my hubs for working extra shifts, and congratulations to me for cutting back and saving money in places so we could pay off our Disney Cruise, ONE MONTH EARLY!!!! 

Our full payment was due on December 24, but we paid it off this weekend :)

Now it really feels real! We are now in the "saving for spending money" phase, which is going well because I have been putting little bits of money back each time I found some extra. We have been saving since August and are more than halfway to our goal. I have full confidence that we will meet our goal hopefully by early February. 

Lookie what I saw yesterday...

My dad and I were delivering the wedding cakes and cupcakes in Galveston and drove right past the port!!!!!

So now I am a pinning fool. I have already made a bunch of crafts for the trip but there is always time to do more right....

Thus far, I have made myself a headband, family water bottles, the boys' lanyards, Jansen a shirt, our fish extender, and some Mickey Mouse glow sticks. (Click on the links to see the finished products).

This cruise is going to be a whole polka dot theme for me. I am a HUGE lover of polka dots so this is perfect!!! 

For some good cruise ideas, check out my Disney Cruise Pinterest Board.

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