Sunday, July 22, 2012

DIY Disney headband

While there will be many a craft project for my kiddos, I wanted to do a little craft for myself. 

PS, I love a good headband! 

The other day, on my trip to Walmart for the other craft supplies, I saw a remnant square of this black and white polka dot fabric for 50 cents. I quickly threw it in my cart knowing that I wanted to make a headband out of it. 

So today, I put together this rosette headband and I MEGA-HEART it! 

If you want to make one too, here is how it is done. 

1. Get your fabric of choice. I was making a Minnie Mouse head, so I wanted a polka dot fabric.

2. Cut two smaller strips of equal size (about 1 inch wide) for the ear rosettes. Cut a longer piece the same width for the face part. 

3. At one end of a strip, tie a knot. Add a drop of hot glue and begin twisting and wrapping it around itself...adding a drop of hot glue as you go. 

4. Make 2 small rosettes and 1 large rosette. Attach the "ears" to the "face" using hot glue. I also added a quick red felt bow so that it looked like Minnie Mouse.

5. Cut 2 pieces of felt about the same size as the Minnie head. Hot glue 1 of the pieces of felt to the back of the Minnie head. 

6. Sandwich the headband between the Minnie head with felt, and the other piece of felt using hot glue for stability. You are done. 

Right before I wrote this, I found my camera card reader (after I took a couple of pictures of the finished product) so I didn't take step by step pictures of the progress. 

I am super excited to wear this on the cruise. Mark 3 crafts off my Disney Cruise Craft List...only like 100 to go!! :)

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  1. My niece would love this. I will most definitely be making one for her.