Sunday, July 22, 2012

School shopping madness

It's that time again. The time when parents start frantically looking for new items to add to their childrens' closets.

This year was completely different for us. Normally, we purchase more things for Caleb (since he is older) and Jansen gets the hand-me-downs. This year, Jansen has had a huge growth spurt and is now bigger than our oldest! And to top that off, each child has their own opinions as to what they want to wear to school. Caleb only wants to wear jeans (he wears footy pajamas year round and never seems to get hot) and Jansen only wants to wear shorts.

Here is what they will be starting to school in:

Jansen gets mostly shorts and t-shirts (plus a hoodie that is being delivered)....

Caleb gets mostly jeans and a few shorts (he needs 2 more pair of jeans though)....

The awesome thing is that their backpacks are still in tip top shape, as are their lunchboxes :)

School supplies are almost complete, as the store has run out of yellow poly folders that both boys need.

Oh school...I love when my boys go, but I sort of dread beginning my next term as PTO President. With a new principal, new counselor, tons of new teachers, new speech therapist, and some new PTO board's a totally brand new experience. It's Caleb's last year in elementary school and my baby is in 2nd grade!!!! Where does the time go????

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