Saturday, July 21, 2012

DIY Disney lanyards

Pinterest to the rescue!

I saw some cute lanyards on Pinterest and knew that my boys could really use them on the cruise. Not only are they going to need to keep up with their room keys, but we will be purchasing game cards in $10 increments for them to use in the arcade. It would be efficient and easy for the boys to have both attached to them, so hopefully it will be more difficult to lose, right?!

The store had a million rolls of Disney themed ribbon for girls: Minnie Mouse, princesses, polka dots and ruffles...and one that would be appropriate for boys. It's a good thing that it is cute!

This is another easy thing to do. 

Measure out how much ribbon you would like to use. I had some old rope lanyards that I based my length off of.

Attach the two cut ends together with a little hot glue.

Attach the ribbon to the clasp. Basically, I cut the rope off of the old lanyard and was left with this...

So I just threaded the ribbon through and then glued it again. If you don't have one of these, your local craft store has clasps pretty cheap.

I attached one of my old Sail and Sign cards to it just to see how it would attach.

Done! Total cost for 2 lanyards: $1.97 for a spool of Disney ribbon at Walmart. I almost want to make one of the princess ones for myself...maybe :)

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