Friday, August 3, 2012

Mickey Mouse glow sticks

We have TONS of glow bracelets and necklaces left over from our classroom VALENTINE project.

You know your kids. Every time you go to an event (a sports game, the circus, a parade, etc), they always beg, plead, and cry for glow necklaces. 

Well, on this cruise, there are night-time deck parties for families to enjoy. Why pay for these there, when we can bring our own? I paid something like $8 for a canister of 100 of these glow necklaces for the Valentine project, we used them at both my boys' birthday parties, and we will use them on this cruise. 

Let's make them a little more Mickey-fied though!

Black cardstock, Mickey Mouse head, thread the necklace through :)

This will be one of the FISH EXTENDER gifts we put in our extender as a little surprise for our boys. They go nuts over anything that glows!!!!

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