Monday, August 6, 2012

Back to school gifts...

Today, I took my boys to JCPenney to get their free haircuts (They are doing free haircuts for the entire month of August for kids in Kinder-6th grade), and forgot that I had a Bath and Body works gift card my friend gave me for my birthday in May.

I don't go to the mall a lot and Bath and Body Works is one of the reasons why. I want to buy EVERYTHING in there!!!! It is like a beautiful fairy land in there! Dang, can't a girl power walk past the store without becoming intoxicated by the most amazing smells ever made??

We walked around for a while, smelling the goodness, and me ooohing and aaahhing over every glittery candle holder, sparkly body mist, and shimmery lip gloss. I wanted everything. And then I saw it!!!!

PANDA Antibacterial holders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SWOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is our school mascot, and I am all on board with school pride. For one more year I will have a Polk Panda, and then my oldest will become a Clute Cougar...and at that time, we will be all about Cougar Pride!

I had to buy these for the boys' homeroom teachers (whoever they are) for a little Back to School gift. Each of the boys rummaged through the antibacterial lotions until they found a scent they wanted and we we left the store feeling joyous. It wasn't until we were halfway home when I realized I didn't get myself one!!!!! Double dang!

I will be back soon to get my own personal one for sure. I am the PTO President after all...gotta represent!

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