Wednesday, August 8, 2012

School organization

All through the year last year, I had my mind set on keeping very organized. Too bad I didn't follow through with it. Oh sure, I had folders, binders, manila envelopes. But did I use them? Not really.

Basically, papers were filed into the back of my calendar, the front of my calendar, the middle of the binder, and soon, I just stuck everything in a wicker basket.  This is what made me go crazy. 

I was dreading going through everything to get last year's binder squared away and this year's started. Hello, procrastination...I will see you tomorrow!

Yesterday was devoted to tackling the paper mountain. Everything was spread out in heaps and piles on my dining room table. If you didn't know it was under there, I am sure you would never know that we even had a dining room table. Craziness. 

But in the end, I fought and I WON!!! Everything from last year fit neatly into one binder, one calendar, and 2 manila folders in the back of said binder. I organized each divider by month and each divider, listed the events that we completed. In each section were copies of receipts for vendors, a detailed overview of each activity, names of people we spoke to, and copies of letters, newsletters, and agendas. At the front, I put in a board member list, our bylaws, position responsibilities, and a school calendar. It was a thing of beauty.

Something even more beautiful....this year's folder! For the most part, it has empty dividers!! The front has the same: and updated member list, revised bylaws, position responsibilities, a school calendar. And the first section had all of our school supply information, including the pre-sale list and labels I made yesterday. 

It was very comforting to see everything, it's easy to read, and I know where to find everything. Here's to hoping I will do a better job of filing as we go this year! 

Now that school shopping is done, supplies are packed in backpacks, PTO schedules and paperwork is complete, I am ready to go. A good 90% of me is over Summer, and ready to cruise into Fall. Cooler weather please come to my house soon!!!

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