Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Welcome back to our teachers....

Honestly, I don't think that any of my school's teachers read my blog, so if you are a teacher at my school, and read this post.....try to act surprised next week when these get put in your teacher boxes...pretty please....ummm kay????!!!!

As PTO President, I feel strongly about supporting my school and teachers. That is a really difficult job to have. So we like to put together just a few little things throughout the year just to let the staff know how much we appreciate them.

Enter: Panda Pens and a quick Panda note....

I am hand writing a little note of encouragement to each of our staff members. :) It seems more personal than typing something out.

Next week, when we return from our Jellystone trip, I will head up to the school to hand these out, and to decorate our PTO bulletin board at the front of the school. School starts August 27th!!!!!

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