Friday, August 24, 2012

Meet the Teacher

Thank goodness Meet the Teacher is finished! The PTO provides school supply packets as a courtesy for many of our families. They have the option of pre-ordering them in the Spring or attempting to buy one of the extra packs at Meet the Teacher. Basically, we sold out!

We sold a ton of t-shirts, almost all of our supply packs, and started our fundraising for a new playground set. We currently don't have a playground, at our school, that all our children can use. 

My boys got the teachers that they were wanting, and I feel very encouraged this year. Jansen has about 5 of his friends in his classroom for 2nd grade, but we don't know who else is in Caleb's class. He is hoping that one of his friends in particular will be in there. He really connects with him and will be very upset if he isn't. 

We are now completely prepared for Monday's first day of school. That morning we have to be up super early to go buy a bunch of donuts for that morning's school breakfast. I am so ready!

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