Thursday, November 15, 2012

Student Representative Speech...

Well, tomorrow is the day. Caleb has been waiting for this day for 2 weeks now. 

Earlier in the week, he wrote a speech on why he would make a good 4th grade CHICKEN Club Representative. He read it to me several times, and then last night read it to my husband and I. 

While I encouraged him to look up occasionally while reading, my husband gave him the best, concrete suggestion. "Look at your friends when you get to the end of the sentence."

Today, I asked him if I could video him while he practiced the last time and while he was not super excited to be videoed, he agreed. 

I am so proud of his efforts! This is something that I would never do and yet he seems fearless. I think it is because he doesn't realize that he should be nervous! Autism/Aspergers is cool that way. Of course, I hope he wins because it would do amazing things to help his development and social skills, but if he doesn't....I am still incredibly proud of his fearlessness, honesty, effort, and progress!

Vote for Caleb!

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