Saturday, December 1, 2012

Our Christmas yard....

My husband has gotten a new job within his current block. It's sort of a promotion, of sorts. Currently, he is an outside operator for our local chemical company. Now he has taken the position of Outside/Inside operator, which means he is going to be learning "the board". He tends to be a workaholic, and works a lot of overtime, which means he is not home very much. With this new job, he will be training on his days off...which are few and far between, meaning that he will be training until June 2013. For real. 

Instead of complaining about it, we are just trying to make the time that he IS home, as special and meaningful as possible. Well, this year, that includes him spending less time putting up lights and coordinating them to music, so that we can just put up the kids' favorite inflatables. 

So, this is what my husband came up with last week on his 12 hours off :)
Jansen imitating the sock monkey

Personally, I would have switched the Santa and the Snowman so that the biggest inflatable is on the left....but my husband did it and wasn't changing it, so I am not complaining since it got done. 

The kiddos next to the giant Santa!

The kids are happy, and while I wish there were lights included, I am not getting up on that roof with my bad I love it! :)

We are blessed that my husband has this new job opportunity as he works his way up in the company. I am thankful for the moments he is home with us. We are thankful for his hard work and dedication to his family, that has allowed me to stay home, and now to return to nursing school. 

Happy December everyone! This is the end of Hurricane Season 2012!!!!!!!!

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