Thursday, December 6, 2012

School Giving Tree

The PTO decided to create a Giving Tree for the teachers this holiday season. I know we all rack our brains to try to find something to give them that is meaningful and that our teachers can really use. Well enter...The Polk Elementary Giving Tree!
Our tree covered with ornaments

Close up of the ornaments

One of our moms created the tree, laminated it, and got it up on the wall, while a few of us created little paper ornaments to tape to the tree. Each teacher was given 5 paper ornaments to start off with. They wrote their name and a gift item they would like for their class. Then they attached them to the tree. Parents can then come in and find their child/children's teacher and pick an ornament off to go shop with. 

Our district is under some major budget cuts, so the basic things are often hard to come by. The teachers listed things like sidewalk chalk, markers, pencils, staplers, construction paper, playground balls, board games, flash cards, and gift cards. 

Not only did it turn out very cute, the parents have really been using it. It is a great way to grab a few things for the teachers that you know they can use. 

Merry Christmas to our hardworking teachers!

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