Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Houston Texans birthday goody bags....

Jansen's 8th birthday is in May and he is asking for a swimming party with a Houston Texans football theme. Now this, I can do. 

We have two options. We can have the party at our outdoor pool...with up to 70 kids (yikes!), and I can set up a cute tablescape under the covered area. But if it rains that day, we are out of luck. OR, we can have the party at our local rec center. With that rental comes a party room where I could set everything up, and the pool is indoors, so if it rains, it really isn't a big deal. The only problem is the party would have to be much smaller. Like only 10 kids small. So while we are still working out those details, I am starting the official party planning. 

Since I got many of Caleb's things online from Oriental Trading, I checked to see what kind of goodies they had for a football themed party. I found some GREAT stuff. 

In a similar fashion to Caleb's, I found some blue treat bags for $4.25 and then I googled a Texans image. Cut and paste and you get some cute Houston Texans goody bags. 

Oriental Trading also had these ADORABLE foam finger lollipops in a variety of colors for $5.25. I chose dark blue because that is one of the Texans colors and I thought they turned out super perfect. 

I also bought a football variety grab bag for $12.50. It has slinkies, tattooes, necklaces, pencils, noisemakers, foam footballs, etc in it so every bag will have something football related but different. 

To finish the bags off, Jansen wanted M&M's, so each bag gets a fun size bag of M&M's and they are finished. 

Easy enough! I have grand plans for the decorations and food for this party. With his choice of venue, I am able to decorate much more than for Caleb's party. So on my list is to make some uprights, a name banner out of pennants, a football field tablecloth, a Texans football cake for the birthday boy, football cupcakes for everyone, football snacks, football water bottle's going to be a fun party!

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