Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ninjago birthday goody bags....

Caleb's 10th birthday is in March and this year he wants a Ninjago themed party. We are going to have it at our local skating rink, so he is really excited about that. He is still learning to skate and is anxious to be a much better skater by the time his birthday rolls around. That gives us 2 months to go practice!

Anyway, preparations have begun. I don't know how much longer he will let me do cute stuff for his birthday, but I have a feeling this may be the last year. So, while I am not allowed to bring in outside food (other than a cake) to the skating rink, and the area is not conducive for decorations (banners, set ups, tables etc since it is just a little area of booths) I will be making him a little Ninjago cake, cupcakes for his friends, and Ninjago goody bags to hand out. 

This morning, I worked on his goody bags. They are not all finished but I did get a pretty good head start on them. Caleb was very excited. 

Since his favorite Ninjago character is the green ninja, Lloyd, I went to online to check out Oriental Trading and see what type of ninja goodies they had. I found 2 packages of small green treat bags for $4.25 and knew they would be perfect to make a green ninja face out of. Then I did a google search for the ninjago eyes and printed of a sheet of the smaller ones.

Next, I cut out the eyes, and glued them to the green bags using a glue stick. Easy enough, right?!

I also found on Oriental Trading, an assortment of ninja action figures for $8 (2 figures per bag)....

And an assortment of Happy Birthday fortune cookies in super bright colors for $8.50.....

Throw some of those in the bags. 

Then Caleb asked for Kit Kat bars, so I grabbed a package of fun sized Kit Kat bars to put in each goody bag and they are done! 

I can make 24 goody bags at roughly a cost of $1 a bag. They turned out cute, and Caleb loved all the stuff in the inside. Jansen kept asking if he was going to get a bag as well...just to make sure he wasn't going to miss out on the candy and ninja action figures. 

Mark the goody bags off the list. Yay for early planning!!!

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