Monday, January 7, 2013

Personalized Disney name plaques...

I am in major planning mode. It is the New Year, after all, and as soon as January  pops up on the calendar I start planning birthday parties for my kiddos. 

This year, I get to plan more goodies for the Disney Cruise. I have made our fish extender, some fish extender gifts like Mickey glow sticks and Mickey lanyards, personalized water bottles, a shirt for Jansen and a headband for me. Now it is time to think about working on the stateroom door. Because every door looks exactly the same, it is customary on the Disney Cruise to decorate your stateroom door with magnets, stickers, Mickey decorations, Disney themed pictures, you name it! Here are some examples that I found when I did a Google search...

Courtesy of blog HERE

Courtesy of John and Sigrid's blog found HERE

So, I have begun with making a few name plates for us to stick on our cabin door once we get there. I have already printed out a couple of simple mouse ears to go around the circle with the stateroom numbers...but you really can't see that until we get there and decorate it. 

Anyway, this is a free way I came up with to personalize our door. Please remember this is shown on our black refrigerator so it will look different once on the white door.


I just printed out our names in a font I liked (not a Disney font) and then created a little mouse ear hat to go on each name. Then I just glued it onto a piece of heavy card stock and they are done. I want to stick with the whole black, red, and yellow theme of the classic Mickey colors so that is why they are printed in red and mounted on black.

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