Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cruise clothes prep

Well, I finally made it to Maurice's this week to use all my Christmas gift cards!!!! I love that store. Almost all of my clothes either come from Maurice's, Old Navy, Torrid, or Kohl's. 

I must say, I got some really cute stuff for the Disney Cruise. I am going to force myself to stow them away until March so I don't wear them ahead of time. Temptation for sure. 

Anyway, I plan on bringing dresses for dinners and more casual stuff for the day. There is no formal night on this cruise, but my husband and I have reserved a night at the adults-only dining room, Palo. I am very excited about I found a really cute dress to wear! 

So here is what I have sitting out, ready to go:
Boarding the ship on Saturday afternoon (Capris: Target, Blouse: Maurice's, Shoes: Maurice's)

Saturday night dinner (Dress: Maurice's, Shrug: Cato's, Shoes: Dillards)

Sunday day on the ship (Everything here is from Maurice's)

Sunday night for our adults-only dinner (Dress: Forever 21, Shoes: Maurice's)

Monday day on the ship (Tank and shrug: Old Navy, Capris: Maurices)

Monday night dinner (everything here is from Maurice's)

Tuesday day in the Cayman Islands (Tankini: Walmart, Cover up: Old Navy, Shoes: garage sale, Hat: Stein mart, Bag: School fundraiser)

Tuesday night dinner (Dress: Maurice's, shoes: garage sale)

Wednesday in Cozumel (Swimsuit: Kohl's, Tank and shorts: Old Navy, Flip flops: Dillards)

Wednesday night dinner (Dress: Stein Mart)

For some reason, this won't turn. Thursday all day on the ship (Jeans: Maurice's, Shirt: Stein Mart, Shoes: Kohl's)

Again, the picture is wonky (Shirt and jeans: Maurice's)

And here is everything spread out by day for easy packing

I like to set everything out in advance so prepping and packing is easier and we don't forget anything. Next I have to work on all the supplies to take, setting out clothes for both boys, and packing all of our crafty creations. 

We are just so excited to get away and see a little Disney magic on the Disney Magic!!!!!

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