Sunday, February 3, 2013

100th Day of School shirts!

Thursday of this coming up week is our 100th day of school. I cannot believe that we have already been in school that long and we are on the downhill slide. Honestly, this is the busiest time for while I am extremely stressed and overwhelmed with my classes, crafting and creating seems to calm me down. Thank goodness for that! I forsee a ton of craftiness over the next 3-4 months with Caleb's birthday, Valentine's Day, Easter, Jansen's birthday, and tons of parties in May at the boys' school. 

Anyway, since I have my first major test Wednesday morning, I will be locked in my house or at the college preparing for it for the next three days. It was now or never to make the kiddos' 100th day of school shirts. 

Do this! It is cheap, it is easy, it is fun, it is everything a busy mom needs!!! 

So for less than $20 for shirts and supplies for 2 kids' get these.....
This is Caleb's googly eyed monster shirt

This is Jansen's googly eyed monster shirt

Just take a solid colored shirt, use fabric glue to glue 100 multi-sized googly eyes on, then use a sharpie to draw a monster on the shirt!

There are so many variations for these cute little monsters. Change the colors, change the antenna, change the! I know several kids and a few teachers that will be wearing the same shirt! I hope I can get a picture of a group of those cute little googly eyed monsters!!

Happy 100th day of school everyone!

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