Saturday, February 16, 2013

New Job Survival Basket

My best friend has gotten a new job! This is not surprising because she is an incredible employee and is in major demand. People try to recruit her all the time. This time, she had a very corporate job an hour away from home, but it turned out not to be what she was hoping. She was able to find a job much closer to home, and will begin work there next week. 

I wanted to put something together for her, but couldn't really decide what to do. Do I send flowers? An edible arrangement? Some chocolate covered strawberries? A gift card? Hmmmmmm....

Well this afternoon, I thought of a survival basket. So I went to the store and bought some useful things and some just for fun things to put in a basket to give to her. 

Here is what I put in there and what the labels say:

  • A plug in air freshener-to keep your office fresh and clean
  • Highlighters-to remind you of the highlights in your day
  • Rubber bands-to help you stay flexible when things do go as you planned.
  • Notepads-to help you remember what is important
  • White out-to white out problems you don't feel like solving
  • Starburst-just because you love them
  • Sonic card-for days when you need a drink
  • Paper clips-to help you hold everything together
  • Gum-to help you stick to your goals
  • Erasers-to help erase all your fears
  • Glitter polish-because.....why not?!
Yay! I hope she has a wonderful first day at her brand new job. I hope she is happy there. I hope she finds some emotional comfort in a more relaxed pace. I hope she loves her boss and her new co-workers. 


  1. It is soooo sweet, thanks!
    Greetings from Berlin

  2. You are the best!!! This was the cutest and most thoughtful thing!!!! I'm so lucky to have you as mi mejor amiga!!!! :D