Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pirate Mini Banner

We are on the serious countdown to our Disney cruise that has been 8 months in the works. These last two weeks I have joined a FE group, made almost all of the FE gifts, made more crafts for our stateroom door, and have packed what seems like everything in our kids' closets. 

While I am still not finished with the gifts, and I will be posting one big blog about all the DIY activities next week, I wanted to share a quick post about a mini pirate banner I made this week. 

On the Disney Cruise, it is customary (and part of the fun) to decorate your magnetic stateroom door. Oh yeah! That is right up my alley. And while many people collect random Disney magnets and cover their doors with a mis-mash of characters, I wanted to have a theme. In thinking about that, what is the event we are looking most forward to? What is the thing that my kids think is the coolest? Pirate Night...Day 4. In honor of that, our stateroom is going to have a Pirate Mickey theme. 

The doors are small, so I wanted to create something on a smaller scale than the typical banner/bunting. Thanks to THIS site, where I was able to download a free printable, I created a free banner with string I already had, tape, card stock, this printable, magnets, and some Mickey cut-outs leftover from our FE gifts. 

Here it is on our refrigerator with our laminated name magnets. 

The boys have a little project they are working on...creating some personalized foam pirate sword magnets to put on the door as well. I can't wait to see everything stuck to the door!

Just trying to add a little extra *magic* to the Disney Magic. 

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