Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pirate Mickey Mouse shirt (no sew)

The Disney Cruise is coming up super less than 3 weeks. And slap my hand because I totally lost track of time, and just now joined the Facebook page for people in my state that are cruising with us. That means that I missed the cut off for the Fish Extender exchange. That also means that I am just now getting some information about activities on the ship. 

First the fish extender exchange. While I was unable to formally join a group, I was able to get with a few people who were willing to exchange with us. We already planned on using our extender as a family stocking just for our kids, but it is always more fun when we find unexpected surprises. So, now my thoughts are swirling around something that is not too expensive and quick to make in bulk, while not taking up too much space in our luggage. 

What I did find out today is that the Pirate Party on day 4 seems to be THE party of the trip. Kids and adults dress up in their best pirate gear and have a blast that evening. When talking it up to our kids, neither one wanted to participate. Now I know when they get there, they will change their minds. My husband, surprisingly, was all for it. He immediately said, "I'm in!" 

So the kids agreed to wear some type of pirate themed shirt, a pirate hat, and an eye patch. Tomorrow I will go to the party store to see what kind of accessories I can come up with for all of us, but as of today...I have the supplies to make some simple shirts at home!

Caleb and I googled the phrase "Pirate Mickey" and found tons of images with a Mickey outline with an eye even one with swords. I liked this idea....

But we decided to change it to the "skull and cross bones" outline. 

I grabbed an extra white shirt and lined the inside with a plastic bag. 

Then I free handed a Mickey head, an eye patch, and some cross bones and cut them out of felt.

Finally, I used fabric glue to adhere them to the shirt. 

Caleb was super excited and couldn't wait to show his dad when he got home from work. 

Since the boys will never wear these shirts again, I didn't really want to spend a lot of money on them. Caleb's is finished and I am in the process of creating Jansen's...and they didn't cost me a penny!!! Free shirts :)

Now to find accessories and something for the hubs and I to wear!

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  1. Love this idea, especially because it is Disney! Have a great time on the cruise! I'm stopping by from Fireflies and Jellybeans :o)